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"Dundee" Hip Flask

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Introducing a vintage gem: This classic hip flask hails from the roaring 1920s or 30s, with possible roots even earlier. Proudly emblazoned with the name of Robertson’s Whisky and crafted by the esteemed G & JW Hawksley of Sheffield, it's a true testament to craftsmanship. While showcasing authentic vintage charm, it bears signs of its age, as evident in the tarnishing and light corrosion on the pewter cup. Yet, its allure remains undeniable. Though originally a vessel for spirits, it now serves as a captivating advertising display piece. With a bit of TLC, it could reclaim its former glory for those inclined to restore it to its original purpose. Despite the passage of time, the glass remains pristine, free from chips or cracks, though a faint musky scent lingers. The cap, once sealed with cork, now sports a makeshift blue plastic replacement, a testament to its journey through history. While the leather covering displays minor wear, it still holds its allure, with only a hint of stitching coming undone at the top. This timeless piece stands at 14 cm in height and approximately 7.3 cm across, ready to add a touch of vintage elegance to any collection.

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