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Glass Cloche and Coaster Set

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The Wooden Coaster set includes a Glass Bell Jar dome that can be used to elevate your candle display. Made of 100% acacia wood, it complements all of our candle collections and adds an elegant look to your home decor. Measuring 6" in diameter, it can be used with or without the glass cloche.

To enhance your candle display, the glass dome fits all Rewined candle collections and can be used as an artful part of your decor. The candle fragrance will be captured inside the dome for an optimum scent experience. Measuring 7" in height and 4.75" in diameter, it adds an elegant touch to your home decor.

The glass bell jar has a history in gardening, where it was used to protect outdoor plants from the elements. Nowadays, it has found a new purpose in home decor, adding a sophisticated touch to any display.


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