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French Framed Memorial Hair Art From 1850

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In the 19th century, hair art became a popular way of preserving the memory of loved ones who had passed away. The art form involved using human hair, either from the deceased or living individuals, to create decorative objects such as wreaths, jewelry, and even paintings.

French hair art from 1850 was often very intricate and detailed, using hair as the primary medium to create delicate and ornate designs. It was commonly used to make jewelry, such as bracelets, necklaces, and brooches, with hair woven into intricate patterns and shapes. The jewelry was often decorated with precious stones, pearls, and metal work to enhance the beauty of the hair.

Hair art was also used to create images, with hair being arranged in such a way as to create portraits of people or animals. These works were usually encased in glass or set in ornate frames to protect and display them.

Overall, French hair art from 1850 was a unique and fascinating art form that reflected the cultural practices and customs of the time. While it may seem strange to us today, it was a common way for people to memorialize their loved ones and keep their memories close to them.

France 1850

9h x 7 1/2w x 1d

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