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CHRISTOFLE Gallia Silverplate Bread Basket

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This is a Louis XVI style bread basket from GALLIA, a brand that was sold by CHRISTOFLE from 1900 to 1937. The piece is made of silver-plated metal and features nature-inspired symbols such as garlands of bay leaves and crossed ribbons. The oval shape of the basket is highlighted by engraved lines, and the scalloped edge adds a touch of elegance.

Although the piece is vintage, it is still in good condition, although there are signs of wear, scratches, and marks. There are visible black traces of rubbing on the interior surface of the dish, as shown in photo n°8. The silver plating on the back of the dish is also worn out around the oval base. Despite these imperfections, this bread basket is still a beautiful and decorative piece that can be used to serve bread or present fruits, or even used as a table centerpiece. The silversmith stamp "O.GALLIA 5401" is located on the back of the dish.

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