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Pair Bleached Wood Carved Candle Stick - 2' Tall

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These antique wooden candlesticks are crafted in a bohemian style and are a unique and enchanting addition to any home decor. These candlesticks are created using salvaged pieces from old Indian temples and buildings, adding a touch of history and culture to their design.

The wood used in these candlesticks has already been seasoned by the elements and has a distinctive texture and character. Each piece is carefully selected and hand-carved to bring out its natural beauty and unique details. The resulting candlesticks have a rustic and earthy feel, yet they also exude a sense of elegance and sophistication.

Bohemian-style candlesticks often feature intricate details and ornamentation, such as carved flowers, leaves, or geometric patterns. The rich cultural heritage of India inspires these designs, and they reflect the region's traditional craftsmanship and artistic sensibilities.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, these antique wooden candlesticks are also sustainable and environmentally friendly. By repurposing salvaged wood from old buildings and temples, we can preserve the cultural heritage of the region while also minimizing our impact on the environment.

Overall, these candlesticks are actual works of art, combining the beauty of nature with the creativity and skill of the artisan. They are a testament to the power of art and design to connect us with our cultural roots and bring a sense of warmth and beauty to our homes.

Dimensions: 24.75H x 5W x 5D base of the candle should be 3” or less. These candlesticks are absolutely perfect. 

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