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Glass Pharmacy Jar 18th C

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Etched with the letters in all caps “OL:AMYGDUL” 

A glass pharmacy jar from the 18th century etched with the letters "OL:AMYGDUL" in all caps would have been used for storing or dispensing "Oleum Amygdalae" or "Oil of Almonds." This medicinal oil was extracted from sweet almonds and was commonly used in traditional medicine for various purposes.

"Oleum Amygdalae" was known for its soothing and emollient properties, making it useful for skin conditions and as a base for various medicinal preparations. It was often used in ointments, liniments, and cosmetic products. Additionally, the oil was used as a mild laxative and was sometimes administered orally or used as an ingredient in medicinal mixtures.

During the 18th century, pharmacies commonly used glass jars to store various medicinal substances, herbs, and oils. These jars were often etched or labeled with the name or abbreviation of the substance they contained, along with other pertinent information, to ensure proper identification and use.

The practice of etching the jar with "OL:AMYGDUL" helped pharmacists and physicians easily recognize the contents and access the necessary ingredients for preparing prescriptions and remedies. Today, such a glass pharmacy jar would be considered a valuable historical artifact and a fascinating glimpse into the world of traditional medicine in the 18th century.

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