Fickle International Interior Design

What is Fickle International Design?

Fickle International Design is our free design service, where you can consult with one of our creative teams by phone, email, or online. Whether you are furnishing your entire home or simply need help styling your bookshelves, a Fickle International team member will listen to your needs, review any inspiration you've provided, and present you with design concepts, layouts, and more.

How do I book my appointment?

Simply book now to schedule your free appointment with one of our in-house experts.

Can I choose my designer?

If you want to work with a specific designer, email us at so that we can arrange it.

Can Fickle International Design work with my existing furniture pieces?

Of course! Keep as many or as few items as you like. You’ll be able to upload photos of what you’re keeping so that your designer can work with these items.

How far in advance can I make an appointment?

You can book up to four weeks in advance. If a time you want is not available, check back or email us at We’ll do our best to find a time that works for you.

What happens after I book an appointment?

You’ll receive a confirmation email from And then you’re all set!

Can I cancel or reschedule my consultation?

Absolutely. You can cancel or reschedule your consultation via your confirmation email (the subject line is "Your appointment at Fickle International Design is confirmed"). Please do so at least 24 hours in advance to allow other clients to take your time slot.

Do I need to prepare before the consultation?

That’s totally up to you. Feel free to email details about your project and budget, along with other relevant information, to prior to your appointment. You can also send pictures of your space, floor plans, measurements, and inspirational images, but you certainly don’t have to.

What should I expect from my appointment?

Your designer will present you with ideas based on the information you provided. You can then discuss and refine the suggestions so that you’ll leave with a clear, actionable plan to create a space you’ll love.

Do I have to purchase something during or after my appointment?

There is no obligation or pressure to purchase during sessions with your designer. (But once you see what we have to offer, we know you’ll find something you love.)